Hedera Hashgraph

A superior consensus algorithm.

Hashgraph is a data structure and consensus algorithm that is faster, fairer, and more secure than Blockchain.


Pavel Svitek
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Vivek Sancheti
Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
Does anyone know whats exact difference between this and blockchain? Its like SQL vs GraphQL?
Pavel Svitek
Pavel Svitek@pavel_svitek · Developer made CEO @ Localization Guru
@evivz they claim this: - Speed: 250.000+ transactions per second vs. 6 transactions in Bitcoin - Every "XY [time]", you are 100% sure that the data within your network is correct. In blockchain, you only decrease the possibility that your data are incorrect overtime. Which means: In hashgraph, you may actually save the state of your database every "XY [time]" and track changes from that point. In blockhain, you have to track every transaction from the very beginning and calculate the state based on all those transactions. - Fairness: a bit more hard to explain in few words, but basically means that the fairness of which block is written to the "ledger" first is bigger (more fair - based on collective timestamps) than in blockchain. (please, anyone who have a better understanding, feel free to add better explanation / correct me if I'm wrong)
Francis Perron
Francis Perron@francisperron · Co-founder of GitMarket
The animated graph on their website look like Git branches with merges.
Pavel Svitek
Pavel Svitek@pavel_svitek · Developer made CEO @ Localization Guru
@francisperron indeed. They use Directed acyclic graph in the Gossip of gossips algorithm, which is basically the same as GIT uses for branching. *Branching = making changes in the repository (in general; not only branches)