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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2016
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Hey guys! Great idea that might people get easier access to information as they open up their tabs. On the other hand, I think with the " read more" click, this might drag people to sink on the news and forget about the initial reason why they opened up their browser (which is work, probably?). I'm using currently momentum extension but I would definitely go for this one, I just would prefer if small stories are highlighted to inform me without kind of push me to follow up on the story in another site. Best of luck !
@hicham_amine Completely agree. My first thought was that I would forget what I was wanting to do in the first place. With this slight change, it would make a far better product.
@tyson_mutrux @hicham_amine Thanks for the feedback guys! I totally agree, these extensions can affect productivity. Perhaps we could look at demoting the read more button or make the headline clickable.
@brockkenzler Best of luck! All my support :)
๐Ÿ‘‹ Hey there! Colleen here, product manager for Hash. We've recently launched Hash 2.0 (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) โ€“ an agenda-free news aggregator where you can easily catch-up on the most popular stories of the day. When working on 2.0, we thought Hash would translate nicely into a Chrome extension, and that's why we made Hash Tab โ€“ now you can see a popular news story each time you open a new tab.
Good! Something else to distract me while I'm working :P I really love these kinds of extensions, but I would love it if chrome can schedule different extensions. I'm using One right now (that's even where I found this), and I found my productivity plummeting because of it.
@secretmapper That's cool! You could have work-related new tabs during work hours, news/photos/whatever new tabs after hours, and maybe something like food suggestions on the weekend!
I have a feeling this will torpedo my productivity. "Just gotta open another Google Sheet. OOO what's that Johnny Depp did?"
@evankimbrell Haha, yep. We hope by keeping it to a single headline it's something you can ignore when you really need to get shit done.
I love this, it's so clean and simple. Nice work!
@southallmatty Thanks Matty, hope it keeps you in the know!