Harpoon v3

Next generation time-tracking and billing software

Meet Harpoon, the next generation time-tracking and billing software that not only records your financial past, but also helps you plan and predict a profitable future.
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Hello Product Hunt! Andy here, one of the co-founders of Harpoon. Over a year in the making, we're excited to announce Harpoon 3 with 100+ new features and improvements! #throwtheconfetti Harpoon 3 is the result of hundreds of conversations we’ve had with our customers, which range from large creative agencies to independent freelancers, and teams of all sizes in between. Our goal with this new version of Harpoon was to double down on features that help agencies, studios, and freelancers remain PROFITABLE. Things like financial goal setting, real-time revenue forecasting, and predictive project budgeting set Harpoon apart from traditional time-tracking and billing tools, helping you not only track your financial past, but also plan and predict a profitable future. If you bill clients for a living we'd love to get your feedback on this new release! Thanks and enjoy!
Harpoon was a game changer for me as a one-woman creative agency. It is one of the only products that I found that seamlessly combined time tracking AND invoicing in one application. It makes tracking budgets and invoicing clients easy. It also allows for custom dashboard interfaces so you see a financial snapshot that helps you keep running your business without running reports to see the numbers.
@tara100cards Thanks for the kind words Tara!
I highly recommend checking this out if you're a freelancer or agency! Harpoon is full of evidence that the team behind it cares deeply about the needs of freelancers (which they are!) and user experience.
@alexford We appreciate that Alex!
I've been using and following Harpoon since day one. I'm very excited about V3 and what Andy and the team have built. It refines on what they've already created, but adds features that teams will love! In my opinion, It's THE best financial planning tool for small to medium sized studios and has been a game-changer in terms of visibility for the business. Since using Harpoon, we simply operate with more confidence, control and can plan ahead. It's also a BIG win when we can say that we've blown past our yearly goal every year since we've implemented Harpoon. This software has features and functionality that you generally only find in enterprise-grade software. Still, they've managed to design this product and features in a way that's intuitive and focussed to their core audience of agencies.
@dennis_field Awesome to hear that Dennis! Great to get the type of validation that we're moving in the right direction. :) Thanks!
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