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Financial planning, budgeting, and billing for creatives.

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Andy Johnson
Andy JohnsonMaker@shapingthepage · Co-founder, @harpoonapp
Hello! Andy here, one of the co-founders of Harpoon. Harpoon is a financial planning, invoicing, and goal-setting app for freelancers and consultants. Set financial goals, track time, invoice your clients, track your revenue, and take more vacations. It's the financial decision‑making tool I’ve always dreamed of having. We’ve been in private release for months, but I’m excited to announce our public launch today! Thanks!
Andy Kim
Andy Kim@drew23 · Entrepreneur; Sr UXD @ Amazon Alexa
@shapingthepage First of all, great name Andy. Second, great app. My only feedback would be to offer a free tier that'll limit the customer to only add 1 client or one project. This would allow a significant amount of time to use Harpoon during the lifecycle of a single project, understand its fullest potential and to have the customer vested enough to upgrade to the 1st paid tier. Just my $0.02 based on my own conversion patterns. Good luck.
Andy Johnson
Andy JohnsonMaker@shapingthepage · Co-founder, @harpoonapp
@drew23 Thanks for the suggestion Kim! We're still experimenting with different ways to handle free trials, plans, and such, so we just might try that at some point. Appreciate it!
Rutger Teunissen
Rutger TeunissenHiring@rutgerteunissen · CEO, 24sessions
It's great how this app is specially made for freelancers, since their management of time and money are way different than common employees. It looks really nice and organized, which is perfect for freelancers to use on a daily basis. Also, I can see from the screenshots you can state for yourself some goals - that's a nice feature!
Andy Johnson
Andy JohnsonMaker@shapingthepage · Co-founder, @harpoonapp
@rutgerteunissen Thanks Rutger! Being freelancers ourselves for years has taught us a thing or two. :)
Ryan Battles
Ryan BattlesMaker@ryanbattles · Co-founder, Harpoon
Hey everyone, I'm Ryan (the other co-founder of Harpoon). Thanks for checking us out. We have a 14-day free trial without CC, so feel free to dig around and let us know your thoughts!
Jonah Engler
Jonah Engler@jonahengler · Jonah Engler Investment
Great product! Very useful.