Harpoon for Mac

A beautiful time-tracking companion for Mac

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"Free Download" The "free" bit is downright misleading. Nothing free about it except for a 14 day trial, or are we going to argue that it's free because I was able to download the executable? I don't mind paying for products but please be transparent about the pricing. Personally, this drives me away.
@jdegger HI Jesse! I appreciate the feedback! We're definitely not trying to be misleading, and I apologize if the free download is confusing. Some products charge extra for using versions of their apps on different platforms. Our Mac app is free to use, but you're right, it does require an existing Harpoon account as the Mac app is a companion app to our main web app. But I'm glad you spoke up. We'll work on a better way to present that information. :) Thanks!
I've been using Harpoon for some time now. It's a great app! If you are a freelancer or small studio and are not using Harpoon for time tracking, invoicing etc.. it's likely you're missing out on some key business metrics. I love this new update and can't wait to continue to see what this great team has in store for us next!
@dennis_field Thanks for the love!
This is Harpoon's time-tracking companion app for Mac. We took the simplicity of Harpoon's web app timers and redesigned them as a convenient desktop menubar app. Create new timers and attach descriptions, projects, and tasks. Edit and manage multiple timers throughout the day and quickly jump between them. And if you forget to use a timer you can easily add your hours manually right from the menubar app. Oh, and if you're not familiar with Harpoon it's a financial planning, forecasting, time-tracking, invoicing, and budgeting platform for freelancers, studios, and agencies. Thanks and enjoy!
Awesome. Will check this out. Still hoping for an iPhone/iPad app to manage my freelance business on the go :)
@falkoj Thanks for checking it out!
I love the new Mac App! I'm constantly starting and stopping my timers and this makes it so much easier to manage.
@jeremyrturner Glad you're digging it!