Harper Wilde

D2C bras with hassle-free, at-home try-ons

Bra shopping without the BS. Harper Wilde, an online bra startup founded in 2017, offers three lines of bras in dozens of sizes via an at-home try-on service à la Warby Parker, with free shipping and returns.

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Great product, great mission, great branding. 👏 Surprised they haven't been hunted yet. Big fan of this – it's crazy that women should have to pay hundreds of dollars for basic, required pieces of clothing when men's boxers are $5 for 12 at Target.
Amazing product. I have tested it, and it’s “the one”.
Really love the fact that they developed a recycling program. Using the company’s platform to move the needle on circular fashion is a wise and admirable move. Excited to see the program - and the company - grow!

my first home try on, i only got the size i thought i was instead of a sister size. I would have loved for them to nudge me to try more than one size in the bras to make sure i was getting the right size


very comfortable, affordable and easy to figure out the sizing with their Warby Parker-like home try-on option.


my first bra has an itchy section on the clasp where the fabric ended. It's not on all of my bras, but a few have it.

Hey Jen! I'm so sorry to hear your bra doesn't meet our high-quality standards and really want to thank you for sharing this feedback. It's very important for us to continue to find ways to improve our products. We'd love to get you a new bra that doesn't have this issue - please email me at jane@harperwilde.com and we'll be sure to get a new one sent your way so we can continue to Lift Up Your Ladies ASAP!

Will definitely be buying more!


Such a great fit! High quality, awesome price point!


Only thing is to continue to grow their style options.