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I've been using this for years. I'm really surprised by the number of founders that are unaware that it exists. It's free, with the exception of Vocus bugging you after you sign up. Originally started by @petershankman.
@danerobert Cool, there are a few similar services as well. Dana, curious how effective it has been for you?
HARO is awesome. I actually prefer http://www.producthunt.com/posts... because they monitor HARO, twitter, and several other sources to discover pitch requests and draft a response for me based on my business profile. So, all I have to do is hit send when they find a match.
@thomasknoll Cool, thomas, has it been effective for you?
@daveying99 It is very effective for finding the requests that are actually relevant for me, and they keep on coming in. It isn't like every pitch gets a response... but that would be true for managing HARO yourself.
@thomasknoll So it sounds like something that's personalizing haro requests for you. Does it also send you stuff from other sources like twitter or other haro-like services? I believe Muckrack does that...
Also check out http://www.mediadiplomat.com - Become a source for reporters/writers; build awareness of your brand and build your 'street cred' as a knowledgeable thought leader in your niche at the same time.
Anyone else think it's worth it? Are there certain areas that HARO is better about getting opportunities for?