Harness Talent

The app that makes recruiters money

The average Agency Recruiter will qualify 100 candidates per month, and yet place only 1 of them. That's a 99% wastage rate!

We are here to change that. Harness integrates with your recruitment business, and markets your best candidates for you, increasing candidate satisfaction, client engagement and revenue, all for zero extra work.

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Levon@levon377 · Founder, Zeroqode
Congrats, Ben! All the best.
Ben Brierley
Ben BrierleyMaker@harnesstalent · Founder, Harness
@levon377 Thankyou!
Naomi Cook
Naomi Cook@naomi_cook
Astghik A
Astghik A@astghik_azaryan · Advertising Ninja
Feels it'll be a great community! Nice )
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia@geekgirlweb · GeekGirlWeb
Looks awesome, just applied for beta!