Add voice to your website in minutes

Harmony allows developers to quickly add Voice to their website on desktop and mobile.

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WOW! Love it damn this is great! It works 😃 Here's what I asked and its replies: ✅ "I want to contact the developers" takes me to a Typeform ✅ "How much does it cost" -> Pricing section ❌ "How does it work?" -> Pricing section (should go to "Here's how it works" section) ❌ "How do I use it?" -> Pricing section (should go to docs) ✅ "Does it work on mobile?" Does not redirect but just answers my question with voice AND TEXT -> "Harmony works on mobile, as well as desktop with all the major modern browsers." ❌ "Is it free?" -> "Harmony is a service that allows developers to integrate voice into their website." (should go to pricing) ❌ "Do you have analytics?" -> "Harmony is a service that allows developers to integrate voice into their website." (should go to the "coming soon: analytics" section" ❌ "How do I register?" -> "You can add Harmony to your website with just a few lines of Javascript. First, you need to signup, then all the information will be available in your dashboard." (should take me to the signup page. This should be the answer to "how do I use it?") Honestly this is the future of the web, I'm loving it so far :) Is it 100% free to use for 1 domain with less than 1000 questions asked/month? Does it just stop working once the threshold is crossed?
Verrrry interesting. This may be challenging for many consumers to adopt – speaking to a website is atypical and doing so in public settings can be awkward – but I could see this being useful for commonly used web apps where there are more opportunities to onboard and inspire engagement from the user.

This product comes off very well. I walked onto the site and BOOM, there it was. The domain confused me at first, but I was swept right into the design, reading about the product, and my questions went away quickly. The only place I really ran into "what?" was right after the sign-up, you get actioned to do a few things but there's no real "smooth transition" from "new user" to "welcome to the dashboard." I was also mildly annoyed my primary email didn't work, but it happens. Looking forward to watching the progress on this!


Well designed, good experience visiting the site, no credit card requirements


Pricing doesn't seem to scale nicely for bigger sites, could use more of an onboarding after sign-up

Hi Product Hunt, I'm excited to announce the release of Harmony (https://miracle.tech/harmony) in Beta. Harmony is a SaaS that allows any developer to integrate voice in their web flow on desktop and mobile. We're offering the PH Community their first month of the Basic plan free of charge with no credit card required. Any feedback is welcome, we're ready to answer your questions/suggestions. A little about the company: At Miracle, our mission is to make the Web more human. We believe that making the Web more sentient is fundamental in unleashing its full potential. We're based in SF and happy to meet those who would resonate with our mission. Louison, Founder
Hey Louison I have tried to integrate harmony to one of our website and it is not working. How can i contact support (not via typeform, i need it now and fast 🤤 ) Ty
@ytomaash Hi, thanks for trying Harmony. Is your website running on HTTPS? Harmony is only compatible with secured websites due to security policies regarding microphone manipulation in major browsers. You can read our documentation here https://miracle.tech/harmony/doc... I just sent you an email.