Schedule meetings without exchanging unnecessary emails!

Harmonizely is a free scheduling tool which provides a reliable, very simple to use and fast solution to schedule meetings with your customers.

It integrates with your online calendar: Google, iCloud, FastMail, Nextcloud or any CalDAV compatible calendar.

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Cheap and reliable solution for meetings handling


Easy and fast tool to schedule meetings with clients


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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 Thanks, Andrew for hunting us! I really appreciate that! Rafal here from Harmonizely.com. I made a free scheduling tool which provides a reliable, very simple to use and fast solution to schedule meetings with your customers. Initially, it was a side project to learn new stuff and gain more experience in software development. It started to stand up so I thought why not to make it public. And here it is available to everyone for some time already. This tool is designed especially for individuals and small businesses, people who have to deal with meetings scheduling on a day to day basis. We mainly target in a niche group that uses CalDAV protocol but not only. We have users from different kinds of industries running on Harmonizely every day (real estate, sales, recruitment, IT etc.), from companies like Oracle, dhosting.com, University of Antwerp, to small agencies around the world, or just individuals who want a flexible scheduling app to be more productive. What's next? - Connect multiple calendars at once - Advanced reports/statistics - Buffer times before and after the meetings - More integrations: Google Analytics and more - Public API for developers - Teams support - multiple users within a single organization - Option to invite more invitees to already scheduled meetings 🎉A GIFT for Product Hunters🎉 A free 6 month PRO plan upgrade. If you register at Harmonizely and schedule a meeting with me at https://harmonizely.com/rafal/pr..., you’ll get a 6-month free upgrade to our PRO plan. I hope to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Harmonizely makes so much sensein the sales stack. A little while ago we were in the situation with a CalDAV-using client that we wanted to be able to book smart meetings using a smart scheduler. The fact is, though, that there's not a lot smart scheduling software out there with CalDAV support. Here's the guide I wrote on the easy and the hard way to do CalDAV smart scheduling. When we discovered Harmonizely (that's the easy way) we immediately stopped carrying on doing things the hard way: https://yoursales.com/smart-sche... . Worth mentioning that we got great support from @takeittt (Rafał Muszyński @ Harmonizely) as well. Recommended!

Harmonizely is the only scheduling tool I could find that supported CalDAV. Their support is simply amazing, and any issues or feature requests I had have been dealt with faster than I ever would have expected. You have to try it out if you're using another app!


Great features, super quick response to support/feature requests, cost effective! What more can I say?



At Uplift, we're big fans of Harmonizely--the company uses it for its FastMail integration:

* scheduling incoming client meetings and candidate interviews

* sharing interview calendars with each other

I've also had great experiences sharing feedback to Rafal and Harmonizely team and seeing quick, continuous improvements. For those looking for direct CalDav or FastMail integration, I don't know of a better product.

- Paul Craciunoiu, Co-Founder



- Great customer service

- Great featureset for CalDav and FastMail integration

- Sleek UI and easy setup


Nothing major. A bit slow to load sometimes, but I'm positive that will improve as well! It's typical in the beginning of a product :)

Thanks Paul! We will improve it! 😉