Harmonious Web Design (book)

Your first step towards designing beautiful websites.

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Nice practical approach to web design by Gergana and Rumen. @gerrydimova can you tell us what you decided to write this book? disclaimer: I got a free copy of the book in order to review it.
@gregoiregilbert Thanks for the question. 6 months ago, me and Rumen, who is mostly responsible for the existence of this book, discovered a recurring problem among people were getting started with web design. Sometimes they were coders turning full-stack web designers, sometimes they were beginners who had just learned HTML&CSS. In any case, they all complained about the same thing: "My website designs don't look professional". Now, that's a broad problem. There are many principles behind a beautiful design. There are many books to read on design. And when you start reading, you start feeling overwhelmed. You start feeling unfit to become a web designer. You start thinking beautiful design is done by superhumans who possess some otherwordly ability that you don't. But the truth is design can be learned. So, the goal of this project is to help people feel less overwhelmed and feel motivated to continue learning web design. To do that we needed to answer 1 question: "Where do you actually start with web design?" You start with typography. You start by learning to design beautiful looking pieces of text, because the web is still mostly text. If you know how to do that, you are ready to design your first very very simple (and good-looking) website. And when you do that, you'll feel the progress. You'll feel that you actually can learn to design. That's what "Harmonious Web Design" v1.0 tries to do—to give a starting point to anyone struggling about how to make websites look good. Instead of a bunch of design principles which you need to know but still can't apply in real life, "Harmonious Web Design" contains a rigid system for making the text on a web page look good + a real-life example. Why not "Harmonious Typography in Web Design", then? Because that's v1.0 of a book that's going to cover many other aspects of harmony in web design. Right now, we're looking for feedback and more questions to help us find out what exactly to cover in the next update.
I just picked up a copy. As a new web design student I look forward to reading.
@robertwilliger Hey, Rob, thanks! Let me know what you thought of "Harmonious Web Design" and if it helped you. On another point: Is there something that makes you feel absolutely frustrated about learning web design? What is it?