Find or offer shelter during emergencies and evacuations 🏠🌀🔥

Harmany App helps connect people who either need to find or want to provide temporary shelter to others when it's needed during emergency and evacuation events.

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Brian Hilinski
Co-Founder @ Harmany
Hello Product Hunt! 👋 My name is Brian Hilinski, Co-Founder of Harmany. We are excited to share Harmany with the community and are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Back in June, we were honored when the Washington Post called Harmany “the Uber of disasters.” Just like you use Uber when you need a way to get from here to there, we are hoping you will use Harmany when you need a “there” to go to. In 2017, while 6 million people evacuated ahead of Irma, and 1 million people were being simultaneously displaced during Harvey, we saw gas stations run out of gas; restaurants run out of food; hotels booking for $500 per night, and families sleeping in rest areas and parking lots. We looked at this and thought, “There MUST be a better solution”, and we believe Harmany is that solution. Harmany is a mobile app that allows people in safe zones to offer their extra space for a few days at no charge to others who are being evacuated. It is free to download and free to use, and incorporates a growing suite of security features to make sure those matches are fast, safe, and secure. Finding or providing temporary shelter is easy and secure with Harmany – here’s how it works: NEED A PLACE – Search for Shelter - Simply open the app, select the NEED A PLACE dashboard option, and begin your search. - You can quick search map listings of all available shelters based on your current GPS location or by searching distant locations outside of your area in a safe zone. - Narrow down results through a detailed list of filter options to find the best available shelter and host that suit your specific needs. - Update your status with one tap to I NEED SHELTER and notify nearby hosts through in-app notifications to help expedite the shelter booking process. - Get fully verified and book your shelter stay safely and securely direct through the Harmany app. HAVE A PLACE – Provide a Shelter - At the time of registration, take several minutes to set-up your shelter spaces. Harmany’s community of users is built upon willing individuals who may consider hosting others in the future if the time ever comes. - Do you have an extra bedroom, a pullout couch, or perhaps a private area in your home or at a guest house where you would be willing to host Harmany users in need? Go to the HAVE A PLACE dashboard and launch the shelter management tool to easily setup new shelter spaces and manage availability. - If an emergency event occurs quickly turn shelters ON or OFF making them available and searchable by users on the NEED A PLACE dashboard. - Get notified of people in your area that need temporary shelter and easily offer them a place to stay. FEATURES SUMMARY - Search for temporary shelter - Provide temporary shelter - Detailed listings and history log - In app notifications for local emergency alerts and forecasts - Easy to manage profile, settings, and GPS location features - Direct messaging and invitation or activity sharing functions - Expansive safety and security integrations SECURITY FEATURES AND USER VERIFICATION SUMMARY Harmany intends to provide safe and secure shelters for all users within our community. We suggest all users complete the available safety verification measures. Harmany App V1 safety verifications include: - Email Verification - Phone Verification - Government ID / Driver’s License Verification - Payment Verification (100% fully refundable safety deposit required with every booking) - Social Media Account Integrations - Coming Soon: on-going criminal alerts and background monitoring Thanks for checking out Harmany! #BePrepared
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