Better manage and search through your browser tabs

Search engine for browser tabs. Increase productivity by quickly navigating through your open tabs. MacOS Spotlight like experience for browser tabs.
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Looks great! Nice solution to a persistent problem! ☺️👍🏻
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@aalvi_srivastava Thanks a lot! 😁
Came here from reddit. Like what you've built! Btw, we recently started a telegram chat as a way to bring the extension community together, let me know if you'd like to check it out :)
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@suibinhong Hey Suibin, thanks for checking it out! Definitely I'd like to be a part of one! :D
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Congrats @hardikjain29 on the launch. 🚀 I've been constantly using the beta version on my chrome and shortcuts are muscle memory now! You solved my tabs problems! And as always @kshitij_choudhary makes some incredible designs! :D
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@athulsuresh Haha, Glad to hear that Athul! Really happy that I could help! 🥳😁
good job
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@huangjingyun Thanks a lot! 😁
I love it!
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@tomer_redlich1 Glad you like it! 😊