Use Wordpress as a static site generator

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HardyPress is platform that hosts your WordPress installation securely and generated static pages that load faster and protects your site from malicious attacks.


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    Super Fast, Super Reliable and super easy to use.


    The free trial is just 30 days.

    I can manage my WP pages hassle free!

    Silvio Agresti has used this product for one month.


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Looks like a reverse-proxy-cache as a service. Well positioned and marketed. For those on a limited budget, a little known secret is that you can get similar results (not CF7 proxying) for free using CloudFlare. Just set a page rule for your static pages and under Cache Level, choose "Cache Everything." Make sure you set it to bypass cache on cookie if it's applicable! Viola! You have a static edge cached server on a budget!
Sam Jacobson@hakosam
@etc Interesting. you have a link for further info?
Jason ShenHunter@jasonshen · Co-founder, Headlight
Saw this tool shared on Show HN and thought I'd share it here. I operate a ton of Wordpress sites and this is an interesting tool to make them run faster and protect myself in the process.
Tony Bruno Bologna@antonio_bologna · Full Stack Architect
This is awesome! :)
Ramy@ramykhuffash · Founder @ Letterfuel
This is a genius idea! People seem to love using the Wordpress admin panel, so this lets them keep doing that while solving speed & security issues. Awesome!
Ryan DiMascio@ryandimascio · ui/ux design & frontend/ios code
Excited to try this out!