All the resources you need to build your Hardware startup

Hardware Club just launched the "hardware_directory". They gathered 270 resources to help startups at each development stage, from prototyping to distribution through manufacturing and crowdfunding. Really helpful if you guys are in the Hardware industry :)
Hardware is hard. Hope this makes it easier. Thanks!
Big fan of this outfit. They're doing good stuff to build a support network around hardware.
This is great because there isn't enough help for hardware startups. Thank you for taking the time to compile resources @a_houssou @pierrebascoul and sharing this @dessai! Our startup, VewNew, is trying to create a dedicated social marketplace for hardware startups, kinda like what Etsy did for crafts, and this site is a great resource to us too :)
Thanks for featuring @RainFactoryInc on the Directory! We're proud to support early stage hardware companies and Hardware Club has been tremendously helpful.