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Hey Product Hunt! You may have seen some of our stories on here, but I'm so excited to finally share our app with you! When you try it, I think you'll agree it's a way better experience than reading on the web. Fullscreen makes a *huge* difference. Joe and I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks!! PS - I wrote more about what we're doing here: https://medium.com/hardbound-co/... PPS - I talked even more about what we're doing on a podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/hardbound...
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@nbashaw Ive seen quite a few Hardbound stories and I just love the format! I spoke with Nathan a while ago when I met him in NYC and he popped me on the beta. I could see this going further than stories - onboarding, recaps, even pitch decks ๐Ÿ˜› The more we try to tell stories, the more need there is for this type of platform. I also think (as per a discussion we had about what the hell happened with e-books) that for our smartphone formats, e-books aren't ideal... its way easier for each of us to consume a tweet, a blog post, etc (small 'wins') - An e-book is longer, harder to digest, especially if on a commute and stop-starting etc. Something like Hardbound works perfectly here. I really do think this will be huge
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@nbashaw I have to say this is pretty dope. I like pretty much everything of it. Best app regarding stories on iOS for sure in my opinion.
@matteo_pasuto wow, thanks so much!!
@nbashaw congrats on releasing @hardbound. the most interesting thing about this product to me is that its focus is not on rapidfire and random dopamine hits, but rather on high quality visual content where people actually learn something. i enjoy hardbound like i enjoy a newspaper -- over a cup of coffee or breakfast where i can put in my full concentration and feel like i've been productive. (i'm also psyched you use an sms-bot for the new story notifications...obviously)
@matthartman @hardbound thanks so much! You've been an enormous help - we wouldn't be the same without you!
I've been watching Hardbound since it was a rough prototype on @nbashaw's phone. It now feels like something he would make -- polished and elegantly simple. @nbashaw, how do you decide what stories to create and how important is it to get people on your platform creating stories?
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@rrhoover thanks so much!! I learned a lot of it from you! hahaha I'd definitely say the hardest part so far has been deciding what stories to make. It's been a huge learning process and honestly I could write a whole blog post on it. The short version is that I think the stories work best when it's about something I'm genuinely curious about. If I get too caught up in targeting something for an imaginary audience (e.g. "let's make a story that startup people will be into") it hasn't worked nearly as well as when we've just followed our curiosity. In the long run, it's super important that we get other people on our platform creating stories. But for now we're mostly focused on just creating awesome stories and earning a reputation for quality. If we can do that, I think we'll be alright.
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Entire PH community must download this app for three reasons. First, it is probably one of the most freshly designed apps that have launched in a while. Second, It's not just a new app but a new story telling format. Third, PH community *might* not exist if it weren't for @rrhoover and Nathan's friendship (๐Ÿ˜…).
@sarthakgh haha thank you so much!!
Hardbound is the best app I installed on my phone this year. Seriously, it has interesting content, it's well presented and makes things easy to understand. Already a big fan!
@syswarren whoa that is high praise, thank you!!
Already a big fan of the content Hardbound is pushing to my phone. I'm confident it's going to change quite a bit how we consume stuff on mobile. Have a great launch guys!
@hfauq thank you so much, Hugo! All your feedback and support over the last few months has meant a lot to us!!