Haptic Touch Bar

The missing haptic feedback for Touch Bar keys

Haptic Touch Bar uses the built-in haptic engine of your Macbook Pro to provide haptic (force) feedback whenever you press a keyboard key on the Touch Bar.

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it would be nice if you add some options to choose appearance of menubar icon


add missing feature


ugly menubar icon

Hey Product Hunters! Haptic Touch Bar is a simple app I wrote for the new MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar. As a Vim enthusiast who needed to press Esc 1000 times a day, it was extremely painful for me to touch type the virtual keys on Touch Bar. Without any force feedback, I found myself unconsciously and frequently looking down at the Touch Bar to make sure the keys were actually hit. To make my life easier, I wrote this app which utilizes the haptic engine of the Force Touch trackpad to provide haptic feedback whenever you press a Touch Bar key. Personally I find this app indispensable when I: - Use Vim and Vim mode in various editors. - Develop with JetBrains IDEs which have lots of F1-F12 hotkeys - Play with Windows virtual machines. Give it a try if you use MBP with Touch Bar. Feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks!
Amazing idea. I like it. But the feedback seems not work in all the space. Just for F1~F12?
@5key Thanks for your feedback! The haptic feedback is available for all keyboard keys (Esc, F1-F12) to make the Touch Bar much easier to touch type. However when the Touch Bar shows app contextual buttons & actions, you always have to directly look at it to know what's there, and that makes the hapic feedback far less useful.
@5key @channing but could it technically be added to those custom keys as well? Would be nice from a consistency standpoint! Cool app, can't wait to try it when I get myself a new Macbook!
@5key @jordibruin That should be possible for buttons. For other Touch Bar controls that may be more useful (like sliders and color pickers), I'm afraid there is no way to support them.
@5key @jordibruin @channing Agree with Jordi - would love a way to know that I'm hitting the play/pause button, or interacting with the touch bar in any way. Could even have the haptic feedback trigger continuously or as a function of the velocity you slide the volume. Not sure if this is technically feasible. Regardless, kudos, this is my new favorite app 👏
Works beautifully, and as described. Elegant solution.
@treggify Thanks. I'm glad you find it useful!
I downloaded it and it does NOT work
@15greenberg What is your MacBook Pro model (13'/15', 2016/2017)? Note that this app is designed for keyboard keys (Esc, F1-F12) on Touch Bar, contextual app buttons are not supported at the moment.
@15greenberg @channing make sure your 「force click and haptic feedback」 is activated.