Design your own poster and have it shipped to you

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HappyTiles is a collage maker that prints your poster and ships it to you.
Try it for free, you only pay when you decide to order your poster.
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Dominik Ferber
Dominik FerberMaker@dferber90 · Quit job to make sideprojects for a year
Hey Product Hunters! I made HappyTiles because I couldn't find an easy way to design a collage with multiple images and have it shipped to me. HappyTiles lets you create your own poster so you can hang it in your room. Start by dragging your images in, rearrange them and apply some filters. When you're happy with your poster it will get printed and sent to your house. You can look around and start designing for free, you only play when you want to order your creation. I used HappyTiles to create a poster of everyone I met while traveling and it's now hanging in my room and putting a smile on my face every day.
Debarati Ghosh
Debarati Ghosh@debarati_ghosh · HR Manager
a good creative thought.
Deniz Palo
Deniz Palo@denlopalo1
Awesome idea -I’ve seen many people create photo albums already from their best holidays somewhat offline/ through old kodak software. You should definitely add that too, not just posters. Greets!