On-demand, SMS-based, personal home manager at 415-275-8286

I invested in the Happy Home Company because we need a better solution to managing all the crap that goes wrong in our homes. HappyNOW delivers on that promise
It seems like a cool idea; but there are quite a few unanswered questions for me: 1) Press from just 6 months ago (i.e. TechCrunch) says that the service costs $9.99 per month; but I can't see any mention of that on the website - does the $9.99/month fee still exist? 2) It says that it's $35 per hour if you want the 'home manager' on-site for any task; but it doesn't give any indication as to costs outside of that. 3) The above techcrunch article also mentions some "processing fees" - but again, none of this is covered in the FAQ suggestions: - It also seems a bit weird that in the example screenshots of your site, someone asking for a service receives a reply saying "what's your address"; surely if this person is my 'dedicated home manager', you'd already have my address on file?
We're really excited to unveil v.2 of The Happy Home Company here at Product Hunt - introducing "HappyNOW"! HappyNOW is your on-demand, SMS-based Home Manager. We help eliminate the hassles of running your home. Text us, and in seconds you'll be chatting with a Personal Home Manager. No matter what issue you're having with your home, our Home Managers can help. Use us to arrange quick fixes, handle preventative maintenance, manage detailed home renovations, book recurring services like cleaning and landscaping, and much more. Your home manager can: 1) Diagnose the issue in you're having in home. 2) Screen for the best service providers in your area. 3) Schedule the service provider's visit. 4) Be there to manage the service provider for you. 5) Handle billing - its cashless and convenient. 6) Mediate any problems you might have.
I'm been working with the Happy Home Company for a while, and I love the service they've built. Highly recommended to anyone who wants help with their home maintenance and repair duties, as well as the emergencies that tend to pop-up.
Awesome concept. I see a few startups moving in this direction and I think you guys have made a wise decision. Should speed up the process with homeowners finding professional help, without having to search through a directory. I'm interested in knowing your response time to the new inquiries.
@wilsonstartups We promise under 5 minutes - give it a whirl!