HappyBox by Holidog

A monthly box full of surprises for your dog

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Julien Muller
Julien MullerMaker@bebemuller · founder Holidog
As a dog lover, i was always spending a lot of money to see my dog getting crazy by playing with a new toy. This moment when he is getting crazy is probably one of the most rewardious moment in my life. I wanted to live this moment every month and also create this experience at a larger scale. We believe that each month we'll create hapiness twice : with you discovering the content of the box and then your dog will get crazy. I am offering an HappyBox for free and i wish you will give us your feedback here and those moments on instagram ( the box is free, you are only paying for the shipping). Thanks & woof
Erin Alexa
Erin Alexa@erin_alexa_ · Proud Chicagoan.
@bebemuller awesome. BTW, the link in this sentence of your "Great! You are now a member of the Holidog Family!" email doesn't work: "To access your account, go to www.holidog.com and use the following user name and password..."
Julien Muller
Julien MullerMaker@bebemuller · founder Holidog
@erin_alexa_ Thanks Erin, we will fix this broken link asap.
Julien Muller
Julien MullerMaker@bebemuller · founder Holidog
@erin_alexa_ the email is fixed, thanks :)
Dylan Hulser
Dylan Hulser@dhulser · Biz Dev, Ad zerk, Prev: @reddit
What makes HappyBox different than BarkBox, which has been around forever?
Julien Muller
Julien MullerMaker@bebemuller · founder Holidog
@dhulser We are putting more products inside but we think that Barkbox is also a great Box. There are two main differences: 1. The HappyBox costs only $9 if you have an ongoing Holidog Membership, so basically if you are using regularly our other services, you get a quality monthly Box for half of the competition price. 2. The box is made in Paris and we are shipping it to the US but also in Europe. For the US specifically, this means that you have access to products that would not be shipped by BarkBox Thanks for your comments and your questions. Julien
bryan s arnold
bryan s arnold@bryansarnold
Really like the idea!