Happy Startup Canvas

A simple framework for building stuff that matters

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The Happy Startup School are doing really awesome work helping people start businesses that mean something. Their canvas was a great way for me to think about and evaluate my ideas in a structured way that made sure I started off on a solid foundation. If you have an idea for a new business you should be checking this out!
I'd pretty much take any course by Happy Startup. Love the focus on purpose and vision and not just the common product metrics. Recommended!
I've been a long time fan of everything that @Welovelean and @HappyStartups guys have done... from their Summercamp festival to the superb interview with @DHH (http://www.thehappystartupschool...) – they're a passionate bunch and having had a sneak peak at this course content, I'd fully recommend it for both early stage folks and seasoned entrepreneurs looking for a fresh perspective.
@jonnym1ller @happystartups Thanks Jonny. That @dhh interview had a great reaction – it's refreshing to hear more and more voices challenging the status quo and approaching entrepreneurship differently. We're helping people to create the next generation of Basecamps that can stay as small as they like but still have a big impact through a great product and storytelling.
I can highly recommend this course when you're psyched about getting your idea off the ground, but having trouble getting started or unsure where to focus your energy—just like me +- a year ago. You'll learn how to build a company with a ♥ and soul. Connect with likeminded folk. And have the best possible help from the amazing Happy Startup School team. Go go go! :D
@kaibrouwer Thanks Kai. We find the 2 things people really struggle with at the early stage are clarity and confidence so we try to ensure any materials help them to improve in these areas. Focus is easy to say but hard to do :)
A huge help for aligning my personal values with my business values. Their classes and personal mentoring, as well as the awesome community that you get with it, helps me on a daily basis to confidently make business choices based on both strategy as well as empathy. Something that doesn't always only applies to business btw but also helps your personal development. Recommend it! Give it a try and find out for yourself.