Happy Shelf

Collections of top-rated board games available on Amazon

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Hey Hunters! We love board games here at DISRUPTIVE INC. and we're are very excited to announce/launch Happy Shelf! Happy Shelf combines Amazon and BoardGameGeek.com to curate collections, pricing, and ratings of the best board games available on Amazon. As gamers, we know that price and ratings are a huge driver when looking for new games an we wanted to make it easy to see those at a glance. New Collections will be added weekly. Very excited to hear what you think! Please share your comments or questions if you have any :)
@thelumberjacks_ hey that's awesome. Even just having a better visual way to explore games is helpful, cause bless their hearts, but Board Game Geek hurts.
@thelumberjacks_ update: I just used Happy Shelf to find Twilight Struggle on Amazon for $40, and convinced my wife to get it for me for Father's Day.