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Thanks for the mention Andrew. Awesome to be here. If anyone has questions about HappySale I am here to answer them. Let the good times roll.
@doronir What do you think makes you different from sites like eBay? Who do you see as your direct competition for this space?
@UXAndrew eBay is no longer consumer focused. If you have stuff around the house that you want to sell, and you don't want to commit to become an eBay power seller, your chances of selling stuff is relatively low. HappySale is focused on non-merchants (which is basically everyone). We use social networks to improve trust and we focus on a frictionless experience for posting and communicating with buyers and sellers. You should really give us a spin. People say it actually makes them happy ;)
@doronir That's exactly right! Used to be an eBay PowerSeller and it was a painful experience, if anything. Been tracking this space for over 2 years now & I don't think any of the teams I know/met/read_about articulated this gap in the market. Gotta try your app now! :)
@abhic Would love to get your thoughts and feedback once you do. Thanks.
I have lots of stuff I hold on to because I feel bad getting rid of or because I feel like it's a hassle. I know there are other sites like this, but I liked the look and feel of this one. I wonder what the psychology is regarding *not* selling things you don't need anymore. I have an espresso machine I don't use, and somehow I prefer it be in the closet instead of selling it....why do I have an attachment to it? Am I just lazy? :-)
Definitely interesting. I like how you can chat with the seller. And see bids kinda.
@chrisvoss Thanks Chris. Let me know when you post something. I'll help you promote it.
The "selling used stuff" space is big back here in India and companies like OLX and Quikr are battling it out. The competition is *intense*
Very cool app for selling and buying second hand locally. Friendly UI.