Happy Puppy

The funniest dog name generator ever

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I'm not planning to get a dog but if I do, I'm naming her Yoghurt.
@rrhoover Hehe, my favourite is Xylococcus!
@rrhoover That made me laugh out loud
Loving the design :)
Hi everyone, I'm Vlastimil, developer of Happy Puppy. Very excited to launching Happy Puppy on ProductHunt. Is it one of few weekend projects which we are working on during last few weeks. Happy Puppy has more than 1400 unique names for both genders and in three categories. You will find lots of special names that will fit your new puppy perfectly. You can view the stream of random names or specify them by gender, popularity or the beginning letter. When you think you found the right name, just tap the heart icon and add it to the list, which you can share, send to someone in an email or just keep it for yourself.
If you have any questions or feedback, I'm here for you! Thanks, Vlastimil
I love the way you designed the "try another button" that gets simpler and simpler each time you click it. Great way to educate each user. Awesome idea!
@beckerjs Thanks man! Yes, we played with the website little bit. It's good to heard your feeling. :)
I already have a dog, but this is going to be handy when I add another one to the family. :)
@chakkaradeep Hehe, cool man! I recommend Xylococcus! :D