Happy Mood Score

Team management and employee engagement

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Hi guys: Forget about yearly assessments and performance reviews. With Happy Mood Score a Team manager or human resources department can get the mood of the team almost in real time. These are the main features: 1) Feedback: Automatically check how your team members are doing and get feedback on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 2) Peer-to-peer rewards: Team members can show their appreciation for their co-workers. 3) Ideas: You can send your ideas to the team and vote and comment other people's ideas. I hope you like it and any comments or suggestions are really welcome. Thanks for voting and using Happy Mood Score.
@jorgealvarez much more positive than waste of time performance reviews
@samir_doshi I'm glad you like it. Thank your for your feedback, Sam
I think this is great. I have been interested in developing something similar, but using different analytics. I think one of the biggest issues with the previous methods like surveys is actually getting participation and real feedback/responses. I look forward to trying this out.
@joshenglish Glad you like it. You are absolutely right Josh, in order to work well and getting effective feedback the team manager or the HR department need to involve all the team members and encourage them to participate. The tool can not create an open culture in the company where people feel free to talk and give opinions but when the Team manager does and encourages that kind of culture then H.M.S. becomes a really useful tool. Thank you for the comment Josh.
So is it like https://www.retroospect.com/ but with more features?
@ejameswill With Retroospect you can not give feedback, you can only answer 5 questions. And yes HMS has more features and it's free. Thank you for the comment Erwin.
@ejameswill It's a different kind of product - in Retroospect you score over general metrics on a weekly basis - while Happy Mood Score seems to be contextualised feedback over ideas, features, etc.. (Right?) - also Retroospect allows you to create and rate specific Events, but it's not a central feature.
@tancdev Feedback is based on how was your (day/week/month) and it's relevant information to share with your team manager like what you achieve, problems, improvements, etc.. Feedback is private and only the team manager can see it. Ideas are shared across the whole team. Thank you for the comment Tanc.