Happy Mitten - 54: Board Games, Business, and Matt Worden

Reflecting on the development of a finished board game

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Erik Gillespie
Erik GillespieHunter@eriklgillespie · Writer, Coder, Entrepreneur, Board Gamer
Listeners of this episode can pretend to be a fly on the wall while listening to Happy Mitten talk about the development process of the team's premier game, Aether Magic, with the game's designer. Some of the conversation is aimed at an audience, but much of the podcast is simply a conversation between Happy Mitten and Matt Worden. They cover where their time went, what the development process was compared to what they thought it would be, knowing when to stop playtesting, prototyping, perception of the game from potential buyers versus the realities of the game, how to meet people in the industry, and so on.