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Feature request! Once i type my email in once, can you make all the other email inputs go away and just leave a button that says "subscribe as nbashaw[at]gmail.com" so i can subscribe with one click? If you end up using that, can you bump the PH newsletter to the frontpage? ;)
@GeoffreyWeg well done! there was a good twitter thread about this problem over the weekend started by @ceonyc: https://twitter.com/ceonyc/statu... As an aside, I wish @MailChimp exposed an API for @tinyletter in order to index categories.
@daveambrose Yep! Charlie's blog post was the inspiration for the project—you can see me getting excited in the comments. : )
Added a seminal piece from @jasonlbaptiste covering the economics of email newsletters. It's an oldie but goodie.
Great post, @daveambrose! Just shared @ceonyc's blog post as well.