Happy Hues

Curated color palettes in action

#3 Product of the WeekNovember 25, 2019
Happy Hues solves the problem of not knowing how to apply a color palette to your designs. It not only gives you color palette inspiration, but shows you, in a real example, how you could use the colors for your backgrounds, headline, illustrations, etc.
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ So I have heard over and over from people (and struggled with this myself) that they can know if a color palette is ascetically pleasing, but don't really know how to go about using the palette colors to their designs or illustrations. I wanted to solve that problem so I built Happy Hues (happyhues.co πŸ‘€) It's a color palette inspiration site that acts as a real world example as to how the colors could be used in your design projects. I challenged myself to build this project in 48 hours, which didn't happen lol, but was still able to get it designed & built (I used Webflow to build it) in under a week. I vlogged the process if you're interested in watching: https://youtu.be/7SWu7dNCOks Also, there's only a few palettes to start, but I'm going to be adding WAY more :) --- If you have any thoughts or feedback I'd love to hear it πŸ‘
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@mackenziechild Great product and congrats on the launch man! I still remember watching your video series - 12 Web Apps in 12 Weeks . Happy to see you here and oh, love the vlog :)
@ryzalyusoff Thanks Ryzal! Appreciate that man :D
@gabef Thanks Gabriel! Struggled with the design on this one, but I think it turned out pretty good in the end :)
@mackenziechild I love it when I saw it. Thanks for sharing so great tool.
This is such a cool idea! Congrats on the launch πŸŽ‰
Amazing job @mackenziechild! Congrats on the launch!
@bruno_estrella1 ❀️❀️❀️ Thanks so much, Bruno πŸ€—
@mackenziechild You're amazing. You had your Rails blog thing up when I just learned Rails and it helped me so much and now I've been struggling to choose a palette for my new project and you launch this!
@faraz_patankar Whooo πŸ™Œperfect timing :D Hope Happy Hues helps with your new project!
@faraz_patankar Also you're too kind! Thank you πŸ€—
Rad little site. Thanks for sharing, and cool to see it built in Webflow!