Happy Faces on Everything

Helping designers improve their illustration skills

Happy Faces on Everything is all about helping designers improve their illustration skills. This includes tutorials, articles, a strong online community and a catalog of courses that 20,000+ people already swear by.

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Hey everyone :) My name is Hayden Aube and I've been helping designers work on their illustration skills for the past two year. So far this has taken the form of tutorials ranging from 60 seconds to 60 minutes long, articles, downloadable resources, a newsletter and a growing Slack channel of 400+. In addition to this I have become one of the top teachers on Skillshare.com. Happy Faces on Everything is the culmination and continuation of all of this. Now, with everything in one place, I can really focus on helping designers who want to get better at illustration do so. Next steps involve partnering with other illustrators and designers to create even better content than I've ever been able to alone. Oh, and there is 20% off on everything to celebrate the launch—just use the code SOHAPPY :)

I discovered HFOE and immediately fell in love with how each tutorial just gets straight to the point. Hayden really focuses on making sure you're learning as he goes along, too. I'd strongly recommend downloading a few of the lessons and giving them a try!


Super simple tutorials that help you add professional illustrations to your design


You could try Lynda or YouTube tutorials instead, but in my honest opinion they don't compare