Happy Endings

Social news and discussion for customer happiness heroes

At Radialpoint, we devote lots of time to really understanding what makes great support. Since we truly believe that great customer service is the best competitive advantage that a company can have, we’re always looking to learn about how people from across the industry are creating smiles for their customers, influencing the product roadmap and setting the tone for awesome support experiences. However, finding this kind of information isn’t easy! We’re putting together “Happy Endings”, an exclusive group of people involved in customer service, support and happiness. You can visit the site to learn more about our industry, share advice tools/tips or even just read the latest thoughts from across the web. How it Works 1) Anyone who visits the site can submit a link to content (Articles, videos, podcasts, stories) that have something to say about the ups and downs of life in customer service and how to make it rock. 2) Anyone can vote on links or comment on them to engage in interesting discussions. The more votes a link gets, the more people see it. 3) Every day, we’ll e-mail a selection of the best links and content to members of the site so they can keep up to date. Two rules: 1) Be kind, we’re all here to learn from one another. 2) Be human, this isn’t a place for corporate drones – it’s a safe place where you can learn to excel at your profession.
@gozmike More Telescope, @sachagreif:) Cool community, Mike! I launched Lighthouse, for community builders, earlier this year and have a blog post brewing about what I learned. You seem more focused on customer support/happiness, which is a great group that likely doesn't have a home. Best of luck! I think curation is key - content needs to be very useful/actionable to draw in lurkers.
@dshan thanks so much for the feedback! I'd love to read your lessons learned post when you put it together. It's the first time we try something like this and really hopeful that we can create a home on the web for support/happiness folks like us. @sachagreif telescope is the bomb.
@gozmike Oh wow, what an awesome customization of Telescope! Probably the nicest-looking one I've seen so far, you've done an amazing job! Feel free to ping me on Skype (username: SachaGreif) if you ever have any questions about Telescope :)