Happy Belly Coffee

Amazon's private label small batch roasted coffee blends

I actually purchased this a week ago. I bought the lightest blend offered, but it's still quite a bit darker than anything you would get from a typical third wave roaster. There's also no roast date on the bag which is usually a point of pride for roasters. As far as flavor it's about on par with anything you'd get from Starbucks, so if that's your bag than this could save a trip!
Bought it and just tried it. It's good. Nothing amazing. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. ☕️
I hadn't realized that Amazon was taking on Starbucks with its own "artisan, small batch roasted coffee blends"! Happy Belly makes artisan, small batch roasted blends like those found at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. From growing and harvesting to roasting and packaging, ensuring our coffee’s freshness and flavor is our main focus. Every Happy Belly blend is crafted from sustainably sourced Fairtrade certified organic Arabica beans grown by small-scale farmers in high altitude tropical climates. Our master roaster has perfected the art of extracting the complex flavors and aromas of each bean. If you enjoy premium coffee, we invite you to try our Happy Belly blends.
@chrismessina Wow. That's a ridiculously good price. It's so hard to compete with Amazon. Usually for good whole bean coffee, you'd expect anywhere from $12-$18 for a 12oz bag. Amazon has it at $9.49 (including shipping if you have prime)! Going to try it. Even if it's not quite as good as what I can get at whole foods. The low price / not going to the store could make it worth it. Also, this is a major bonus "Each batch is roasted and packed within 24 hours". Freshness is a huge factor. They definitely seem to get it.
@mscccc @chrismessina We're just finishing up our first bag. It's quite good. It is, relative to third-wave roasters, quite dark. So order it "a size down" if you will based on your preference. The Happy Belly Medium-Dark roast was pretty dark which wasn't a problem for me, but some guests turned their noses up at it being "too strong".