Happio F*ckUp Wall

Free app to help teams to actually learn from their mistakes

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Happio F*ckUp Wall is a free B2B app that helps team share their mistakes and key learnings, upvote them and display them on a large screens.

  • Rene Brandel
    Rene BrandelProduct Manager, Microsoft Skype

    Every team makes mistakes. Having a place to highlight them and truly embrace failure is the best way to learn! What a great idea


    None so far

    I've been using Happ.io for a week now and trying it with my team. The initial feedback is great and creates accountability with the team to have a safe place to admit mistakes and drives awareness on their learnings.

    Rene Brandel has used this product for one week.
  • Valerio Capoccia
    Valerio CapocciaDigital Project Manager

    totally free, very powerful culture and operational tool for teams, one-click login with Slack or Google Apps, upvoting functionality


    missing Microsoft login, missing statistics on how the wall is being used

    A F*ckUp Wall is pure genius, someone should have done this years ago! This app is as simple as powerful, at my team we are using it for a week and we believe it's just become our long term companion to share & learn from our f*ckups.

    Valerio Capoccia has used this product for one week.
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Paolo Lacche
Paolo LaccheMaker@paololacche · Product guy
Hello Hunters 👋 and thank you very much @renebrandel for hunting us! Failure sucks, in startups like in larger companies. Industry wisdom, from lean to agile, keeps telling us how failure is the key to success. But is anyone following that lesson? Too often though, industry teams don't follow what they preach at public talks, blog posts and in their tweets. We've created the fuckup wall from 100+ years of experience in companies like Google, Microsoft and mentoring dozens of startups at every level. And the F*ckUp Wall we've publicly launched a few weeks ago is just the tip of the iceberg, Happ.io is a complete, AI-aided solution that empower teams at work, so stay tuned! 😎 Even in companies with a world-class culture, we've witnessed too many teams trying to idolize speed and moving faster over learning and improving. The culture of failure is not just a myth, for there's no success without failure. It's a a real-world best practice that involves stopping running around for a second, introspecting, self awareness, and sharing. From today, you'll be able to find all of this, for free, in Happ.io Beta. Is your company ready for a culture boost? 🚀 We will be happy to answer all your questions, so feel free to ask! 💬 Paolo from the Happ.io team
Andrew Derks
Andrew Derks@derksde488
Too many books talk about celebrating failure in startups, but nobody does it in the real life. Finally I tool my team can use!
Lorenzo Bolognini
Lorenzo Bolognini@lorenzbolognini · HubSpot + Inbound + Growth
Really cool product guys! Congrats on this launch! Looking forward to see the product develop and spread across companies of all sizes.
Ahmed Raslan
Ahmed Raslan@ahmed_raslan1
Great idea and product really useful
Candida Wight
Candida Wight@candida_wig44
This is what my dev team needs, everyone keeps repeating the same lame mistakes when pushing.