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Glen One NMaker@cute_life · CEO of HappiJar, Runner & Designer.
Good day to you all from sunny St Albans, UK! Thank you @VioletaNedkova !! It's such an honour to be featured on Product Hunt today :) I’ve been a big fan for a while now and my phone is jammed full of Product Hunted apps lol… I need a bigger phone memory!! So thanks for checking out my app - HappiJar. I originally came up with the idea to help me learn to be more mindful and grateful. After doing TONNES of research, I eventually found that practice was the key component for us all. So HappiJar was designed to be incredibly sticky. Intentionally designed so each of you are taken on a journey when you to decide to save a smiley moment; by contextualising them using an artistic canvas [HappiButton], some meaningful text, a photo and/or music and sound. Those moments come together to form a digital button… which feel like they are real objects. The app has been in beta for over a year LOL. Heard that plenty of times before? But this recent update [released late last night] is a HUGE step towards my original dream behind how the app should make you feel. So here I am presenting it to you incredibly discerning designers, makers, entrepreneurs and hunters. This is a work in progress, and I’d love your creative feedback. Much Love.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making technology come alive 🃏
@cute_life great to see this public, after so many iterations. :D
Glen One NMaker@cute_life · CEO of HappiJar, Runner & Designer.
@milann Heyyy Milan!! Thanks so much for the well wishes.... and yes... so many iterations. So much energy and time ;) If I recall, the original design was almost going to be launched on a platform your were co-founding! Such a long time has passed!
Paul Kemp@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
Glen - you've been working hard on this app to help bring happiness and gratefulness to people. Congratulations on being hunted today - it's totally deserved.
Glen One NMaker@cute_life · CEO of HappiJar, Runner & Designer.
@paul_s_kemp thanks so much Paul! It' just so amazing to think that I can now show it to the world the way I imagined it :)
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
This is perfect for being grateful. Just save up some good memories and revisit them later. Can you image having a treasure chest, sorry jar, of those?! Priceless.
Glen One NMaker@cute_life · CEO of HappiJar, Runner & Designer.
@violetanedkova Thank you so much Violeta :)
Kevin Taylor@beamcalcs · Co-founder, Steel Beam Calculator Ltd
Great app, I will be using this to remember the good times, which I can then recall on a grim winters day.
Glen One NMaker@cute_life · CEO of HappiJar, Runner & Designer.
@beamcalcs HAHA! There will be plenty of grim weather ;) All the best and thanks for giving us your Vote Kevin :)
Babette Ten Haken@babettetenhaken · Sales Aerobics for Engineers, Prez
HappiJar is a super App. I use it personally and recommend it when I coach others, professionally. What better way to change your mindset and habits than by putting happi and positive thoughts into a HappiJar? Subtle and powerful stuff.
Glen One NMaker@cute_life · CEO of HappiJar, Runner & Designer.
@babettetenhaken Hi Babette! Thanks so much for the vote and the mention. It's amazing that you're getting some real day to day use out of HappiJar. Now with this new update we may even get more people talking about it... happidays!