Happenings App

The quickest way to privately share photos between friends.

Happenings was built to be lightening fast and dead simple. When you create a happening, you get a 4 digit code. Anybody with that code can access and contribute photos to that happening. Then during/after, you can view the stream on the web http://haps.tv or pull it up on your new AppleTV. If you've ever been to a party or a launch or a wedding or a graduation or anything that involved you wanting to show a slideshow, this should be the easiest and free'est way to now do that. Our team + friends have been using it internally over the past month or so to log ski trips and business meetings and we've had as many as 18 people all contributing to the same happening within an hour timeline. It's stupid simple, it's fun, it's private, we think it's awesome, and it's free to check out so we hope you will! Congrats to the team for an amazingly fun start to 2016!!! p.s. Android app is a couple weeks or so out from being finished so hang tight.
@seahostler Here here! You know you've got something special when the team behind the product ACTUALLY has a great time with their product. It's been an extremely fun process and playing with this app truly reveals its real potential. We've used it for group events (so funny watching everyones photos come together), individual events (that keep everyone here and abroad in the haps), client events (getting laughs back at the office while we are off site doing 'real work') and individual life moments (people having birthdays and babies.. mostly babies.) On behalf of the team I just wanted to say that we are really excited to get this product into the world and we all anxiously await the moment when someone shares a new Happenings code with us! Be on the lookout for some rad updates coming soon as John mentioned... and if you need a Happenings code to check out, you can view our latest ski trip with code: 694F
Nice Concept! Well photo sharing is funny always but, i really like the idea behind it.
@riser_spy Thanks! We should have a slew up updates coming out in the next couple weeks so stay tuned for more.
I can see a lot of uses for this, both fun and practical -- go, Android team, go!
@edecaria thanks Ed! Let us know how you use it.
Great concept and great app. Can't wait for the Android version. Just one question: If I type a random code and this code is actually a valid code. I would be able to join that happening party, right ?
@tsunaze you would but the chances are pretty slim that you stumble across one. we have a few things in the backlog of features that allow people to keep it completely private, but we're hoping that those with turbo needs for secrecy continue to use apps like Snapchat.