Create & book any event directly on Twitter with 2 hashtags

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Nice idea. 2 weeks ago we launched our side product to discover events on Twitter (http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...) and now with your service they can get reminders :-) Good luck!
@yanivpresler Thank you! Both our services can be used together for a seamless experience :)
@danielnef if you want ill open our Events API for you so you will be able to add a real events discovery in any city around the world - https://dev.getevents.co
@yanivpresler that's a great idea! That way we would feed our discovery with your events all around the world. We're definitely going to look into that! Thank you for the link! We can chat through DM about it ;)
Hello Product Hunters, We are excited to officially launch Happenin’, Your Twitter Event Assistant. Happenin’ is designed to help you discover new events, share them and make sure you don’t miss them. 1) Register on http://happenin.xyz with your Twitter account. 2) Tweet an event with the 2 happenin hashtags or retweet an existing tweet with the hashtags to book it. 3) Happenin' will send you reminders before the event starts so you don't miss it! And you don’t even have to leave Twitter! You will find all your booked events in your Happenin’ profile. To see some tweet examples, check out our event announcement Tweets @happenin_event. We would be thrilled if you could try it out and give us your feedback. We are available to answer any questions you may have :)
@danielnef Hi Daniel, great idea and execution. Can you customise when you will receive the reminders? For example, there maybe some events I want to receive reminders 2/3 weeks before. Like concerts etc if I wanted to book tickets ...
@ddarrko you can't customize the reminders... yet. They are set to 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour by default but we are going to add that feature very soon. Thanks for contributing :)
Perfect idea, nice execution, seamless experience!
This could be used for any kind of general reminders too, right? Can I add reminder for my teammate birthdays?
@kristapslazda you can use it for any kind of event, but the site is currently focused on public events using tweets and retweets. Our next big feature will be to create personal/group events and get reminders by sending a DM to @happenin_event
This app is great and so smart! Love it