A social mobile game show network

Hangtime is a new and fun mobile gaming platform that lets users play trivia games while interacting with each other directly in-app. For each game, players can compete to win cash and other prizes while chatting with friends in a private chat room, or a “hang.”

Shows currently air at 2pm and 6pm Eastern Time every day.

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Maxim Campolo
Product Manager @ Radio.com
Hey everyone! At Hangtime we’re taking a different approach to games by focusing on the social experience. Users can play together by grouping up into smaller "hangs" to collaborate and chat. You can also add friends on the app, see when they’re online and invite them to play!  We have several shows airing at 2pm ET and 6pm ET every day with the occasional bonus show at 10:30pm ET. They’re all a bit different with varying hosts, question types and themes to keep things fresh. Most of all we’re more about the entertainment than the prizes. We're building a great community to watch fun shows and play together! Any questions ask away, thanks!
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Anthony David Adams
Peripheral Visionary.
An HQ knockoff? Ok, but make sure your host is also dropping Phish references in every episode.
Art Director & Illustrator. Erosner.com
Such a great opportunity and these guys just copy HQ, mix it up for gods sake!!!