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Hi everyone! I’m Oscar, CEO / Co-Founder of Hangster! I’m excited to share our release of Hangster. We’ve been working on Hangster for a while aiming to solve the problem when you have blocks of free time, but aren’t sure which friends are available to hangout at that moment. In an age where technology often discourages face-to-face interaction, the Hangster team is looking to create more genuine, personal interactions with the people you care about. Feel free to check out Hangster by downloading the app from the product hunt link! We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.
Seems like its an added thing to do. I can just whatsapp message and see who is free for a beer. This relies on people being on top of when they are free. Feel like I get the same result with my existing solution. Also 'Get Hanging' in the UK means getting really really drunk. not sure if that was on purpose ;)
@bentossell Hey Ben! Thanks for checking out Hangster. We are focusing on those blocks of time, where you aren't sure which friends are available to hangout. On Hangster, you turn yourself on as free, see which friends are available, and for how long. While we are initially focusing on college students and campus life, the possibilities are endless. If you live in the city, you could see which friends are available for Happy Hour or which friends are available for a spontaneous dinner on the weekend. If you happen to be in Palo Alto and commute to San Francisco, you could grab coffee with a friend you haven't seen in a long time in the city. I'm glad you like "Get Hanging"! We focused more on our Chimp mascot, Chato. Since Chimps hangout, we can all hang! Excited to have everyone use Hangster, available on iOS and Android.
Cool idea but wondering: is the unique aspect here to just have the 4 things people want to do? (e.g. food/ drinks...). Because facebook has a nearby option as well group interactions. I am wondering what kind of folks you are looking for because most ppl I know already have a chat group setup (or calendar group) and they ask / interact there. So wondering if this is for users who love hanging out with many many friends all the time and don't have any easy way to do so?
@yurikleban Our goal is for our users to be able to create spontaneous hangouts whenever they have free time. We have four options (food, drinks, gym, study); however, users can also forgo choosing an option and just see who is free and down to do something as well.
Page at hangster.io is missing link to Android download.
@zefareu It's now available on the Google Play store too! Just type in "Hangster" in the search bar of Google play :) enjoy!
@ilse_calderon Yes, but I'm saying that it should be added to your primary page, at hangster.io.
I like the UI a lot -- very easy to use. I like the concept and I imagine you guys will validate additional features that compliment the current version. Excited to see how your user base molds the product. I would add a link to the Android download on your site (http://hangster.io/).