Hangover Box

Everything you need for the day after the party

So you got utterly wasted last night, didn't you?

Now it's time to wade through the motions of regret, self-pity and a heavy head with our all-in-one hangover box!

What is in the box?

Food (asian noodle soup, german chips), drinks (coffee, tea), sunglasses, sleeping mask, puking bag and so much more! πŸ”πŸ€©


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I can see a world where more people would carry this instead of first aid kits lol πŸ™ƒ
They shouldn't.
Alternative: 1 Tab of Electrolytes and a cup of chicken soup. Thank me letter for saving you 29€.
@thomas Thank you for your feedback. Since there is no proven real hangover medicine solution we included lots of different stuff for our customers to help them recover from there long night :) Sunglasses Sleeping / Eye Mask Waterproof Puking Bag Toothbrush & Toothpaste Asian Noodle Soup Instant Coffee Tea Crispy Potato Chips Chocolate Cookies Candy Chewing Gum Instruction Manual for surviving your hangover & a healthy hangover cocktail mix Band Aid and more!

I will wait for that in Poland to test!


Hahaha something for me!



We only accept paypal right now, but are working on adding more payment providers asap!
There's 100% a market for this in Norway, people love having everything delivered everywhere here.
@amylwatanabe Thanks for your insight, time to start some targeted ads in Norway! :)
@wazzaoo πŸ˜› for sure! I think a similar service exists but there's always room for more!
Hello everybody, I am Philipp and the founder of Hangover-Box. This is our first product on ProductHunt so we are very excited to see it get featured as a Product of the Day! If you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the comments! We know this is no world-changing innovation, but rather something to gift as a fun gimmick to your friends or colleagues.