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Jonathan Gillon
Jonathan Gillon@gonjillon · Co-Founder/CEO, Roost
Used Hango for a party bus to a concert last week -- it was great to know that the photos taken by people who I didn't know would become available to me without me having to stalk them down!
Phong Le
Phong LeMaker@freakinphong · Co-Founder, HANGO
@gonjillon This is awesome to hear! Glad we could make it easier for you to collect photos.
Phong Le
Phong LeMaker@freakinphong · Co-Founder, HANGO
Hunters! HANGO was made with the purpose to make it easier for groups to enjoy an event and even easier for them to remember it. Whether it be a philanthropy event, baby shower, wedding, or pub crawl two problems always came up, 1) it is a pain to keep track of the group and 2) photo sharing becomes a afterthought. We make it easier with 3 screens. Group chat, map to keep track of each other, and a details screen to both summarize event details as well as collect the entire groups photos. We are available on iOS today with plans to launch on Android early next year!
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Seems to be trading on Facebook Messenger and Events. Crowded space.
Phong Le
Phong LeMaker@freakinphong · Co-Founder, HANGO
@chrismessina couldn't agree with you more, very crowded space with a lot of various vertical solutions. There are a bunch of great vertical solutions today such as GroupMe, FindMyFriends, Cluster, etc. What we hope is to offer our users a very simple platform that utilizes the best features of these verticals all rolled into one with the purpose to make events easier for groups.