Check the users who are viewing the same GitHub issue as you

HangHub is a team productivity tool that allows you to see the users who are working on the same GitHub issue or pull request as you in real time.
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Hello everyone πŸ‘‹ We created HangHub in order to make it easier to manage GitHub issues. Have you ever written a lengthy answer to a GitHub discussion only to discover that your teammate spent the last 30 minutes writing about the same? We most definitely have, and this is why HangHub was born. Once HangHub is installed by you and your teammates, it allows you to see whether the users are: Viewing πŸ‘€ Commenting πŸ’¬ Editing ✍️ Merging πŸ”€ Idle πŸ’¨ HangHub can be disabled for a specific organization or repository of your choice and is available under the MIT Open Source license. As the creators of CKEditor 5, a collaborative rich text editor, we try to introduce collaboration features wherever we can to enhance our productivity as a team. We'd like to share HangHub with everyone who wants to make working with GitHub issues more efficient. We are excited to hear your thoughts about it. πŸ€—
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Great idea! Will make reading issues on random open source projects less lonely.
@dkb868 Thank you! We've been using it internally for a while now and it definitely made me feel less lonelyπŸ™ˆ Feel free to keep us updated πŸ˜‰
I'm not a dev, but seeing this here let me be the cool guy who know about a solution to a friends problem.
@masonpelt Spread the word! πŸ€— Drop us a line how they like it, we are hungry for feedback πŸ‘€