Handy Keyboard

Minimalist split keyboard for iPad and iPad Pro

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EDIT: woah front page! ok, let's make it free for 24 hours 😻 Hey Hunters, In the iPad Pro 12.9”, Apple removed the split keyboard, which lets you quickly type with your thumbs while holding your iPad. I built Handy Keyboard to put this feature back, because I always found the full-sized software keyboard cramped and not very comfortable. Handy Keyboard is designed specifically for iPad and iPad Pro: 1) Ergonomic: customizable height accommodates all hand sizes and lets you hold your iPad Pro while typing, making it much more portable. 2) Minimalist: instantly switch between the classic iOS white and the slate black theme for extended evening use. 3) Secure: no advertisements, doesn’t use Full Access, and doesn’t ever transmit any information over the internet. I hope Handy Keyboard helps you get the most out of your iPad, and I look forward to your comments and feedback. Cheers, Johnny
What inspired you to make Handy Keyboard? Are you a keyboard enthusiast?
@vinayan3 Hey Vinay! I recently got the iPad Pro and tried typing on it while holding it. It was really difficult and uncomfortable on portrait mode, and impossible on landscape without dropping my iPad. I felt the point of an iPad is to be more portable and hands-on than a laptop -- not being stuck to a desk or flat surface, so I built Handy Keyboard. Now I can type comfortably on my iPad Pro in bed, while walking to the kitchen, etc.
@johnnylin Makes sense. I'm getting it right now and thanks for responding!
Nice. How much did your words per minute improve with this?
@drgarg hmm... hard to say with mistakes and discomfort. but def typing faster and more ergonomically! would be interesting to add a feature that automatically calculates your wpm though.
daggone missed the free moment. I love the keyboard tho!
@thefrankschwarz thanks for the support-- email me for a code! hello@handykeyboard.com