Manage to-dos at your notification center

Handy is a handy to-do app features planning on notification drawer exclusively. It helps you keep your mind on every task.

With HANDY, you can plan or review tasks on notification drawer, manage and arrange them using intuitive gestures and customize with your own style.

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Hi hunters! We are makers from Hong Kong. We created Handy a year ago and looking for a next step. Handy is a to-do app on Android that lets you manage, add and view to-dos right at your notification center. It helps you keep your mind on every tasks when waking up your phone, without unlocking it or opening any apps either. Other awesome features: - Rearrange and manage tasks with simple gestures - Customize with themes and fonts - Super minimal and distract-free interface to keep you stay focused Download: https://play.google.com/store/ap... Would like to get some feedback or suggestions from you. Hope you will like it!
Nice. Would love to see it Integrated with Inbox, Google's mail and Reminder / to-do client. I don't want to leave Inbox to setup my to-dos but this looks like a neat UX around notifications.
@steve1215 this^ I think inbox/reminder integration is critical for seamless usability into a user's workflow. Definitely on the right track though.
Like the idea. You should add call logs as well. We need sometime calls logs too to add in todo, specially if we are from sales ๐Ÿ˜„ Also would be great if you give webhook option on various event so I want to configure something specific and then people can easily configure this webhook from viasocket.com