Real greeting cards, with your words written in pen by robot

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We have actually invested in a similar company and seen some the data on how businesses can use this. In this case are you building for consumers instead of businesses?
I was looking for a way to quickly follow up with contacts, using written communication. However, I was too lazy to write out cards myself. Viola! Handwrytten was born.
We released with a consumer focused version first, but the original idea was always to go after the business market. The next release (due in 2 weeks) will have some features for businesses, and the web site version ("web app") will have many more, including salesforce.com integration.
Love what you are up to, @DavidBwachs! I came across Handwrytten a few days ago when you guys were mentioned in a post along side us: https://medium.com/message/how-t... I hope you got some good traffic from it! My likes/concerns: • Great reviews on the AppStore. • I think they are after the consumer space, @Percival. • I really like your design. We are lacking here... and hiring :P • Bond seems to have the App marketplace on lockdown for consumers. • Handiemail.com is also a Chicago consumer letter service. Similar business in the same city could make earning loyalty difficult. PS. Let me know if I can be any assistance to you guys. “It is much more rewarding to get to the top of the mountain and share your experience with others than to show up by yourself, exhausted.” ― Shandel Slaten