A simple app that connects you to on-demand fitness trainers

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I'd be interested to learn how you forged your partnership with Reebok as an early stage company...
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@brendanbeirne Hard work, passion, and a whole lot of sweat!
The app is giving away one free personal training session, sponsored by @Reebok, to incentivize users to download the app. You have to do so before Jan 21 and use the free session by the end of the month. Grab the app above or here: http://goo.gl/bSqyV6
@andrewcurryla thinking of trying this πŸ‘€
@andrewcurryla @reebok gotta love free shit. thanks for sharing!
@nivo0o0 @andrewcurryla Give it a go - on Reebok - it's free until 9P ET today's the the last day of the promotion - see here: http://www.sporttechie.com/2017/...
@andrewcurryla @reebok Thanks Andrew! Absolutely correct! See here for some live coverage of the workouts: http://www.abc6.com/story/342750...
I've used this before - the quality of trainers here and the ease of booking makes it awesome. Specifically good that the sessions you buy can be allocated to different trainers - so you could try one for boxing, one for yoga, one for weightlifting, etc!
@mikeyahdoot ahh, I was wondering what made this better/different. Having a variety of trainers would be really cool and help with breaking up a stale workout routine.
@kleneway I even booked sessions for my dad, who is 65+, and was able to find one who he felt comfortable with. Really awesome being able to trial trainers and easily not re-book if you're not feeling it for whatever reason. It removes any awkwardness and it's a great perk to have all that variety
@kleneway @mikeyahdoot thanks so much! You can try it for free if you book today! You can redeem until the 31st though!
cool. what is the form of workout? prerecorded, live video? something else?
@ggnall physical - personal training
@kar2905 @ggnall Thanks Kartik! Hi Graham! It's in person - more than 20 workouts to choose from! Let me know if you need help!
I've tried this app and the 1-1 one sessions are great - 10x better than getting trained in a big group. Also Tiffany is just awesome - hustler!
@kar2905 my fellow hustler! Thank you!!!!