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Thanks for linking, upvoting and signing up to Handsome Stats! We've been working on a beta version for awhile and it would be great if you could try it out here: http://www.beta.handsomestats.com/ Any feedback good or bad appreciated! @shazow Thanks for the feedback! We do have plans and have mostly implemented email reports. We're still not entirely sure if we should be generating PDFs or just sending plain text versions with a link to the main report.
sort of similar to briefmetrics cc @shazow
@eriktorenberg Very cool, thanks for the ping! Some thoughts, in case the HandsomeStats folks see this: - New GA properties all get named "All Web Site Data" by default. Makes it hard to differentiate them when adding a report. I suggest pulling out the websiteUrl alongside the display name (that's what I do for Briefmetrics). - Very nice consistent chart style and layout, easy to skim. I like it! - Any plans to add email reports? That's my primary focus for Briefmetrics—not that I'm asking for competition, but I always love to see more takes on the problem. :)