There are 80 awesome illustrations and 20 backgrounds in​ the pack. Every illustration is 100% vector. You can easily scale it to the size you need and use it for prints, in apps, on t-shifts etc. Illustrations are very easy in use, just change colors and shapes as you wish in a ​few clicks.

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Looking pretty good. @shepovalovdenis, it must have been long to build such a set, how did you proceed?
@syswarren Thanks a lot! Yeah, it took approximately 1,5 month from start to release. We were working in pair, me and our talented illustrator.
WOW guys, surprisingly I didn't know about you. Good Canva alternative.
@vladkorobov Oh thanks a lot and nice to meet you!
Don't you worry that yours and other 100+ websites gonna look the same?
@simon_kulkov Great question aha. Especially since that illustration style is already everywhere.
Great work, good price, amazing discount.
@inspoir Thaaanks! ☺️
You have stolen one of my illustrations for your set.... Can you explain why you have done this without my permission?
@al_power Yes, I can. As I answered you via email, illustrator drew the picture using a photo of the lighthouse. We don't need your permission to draw the illustration from source photo. Besides we didn't know about your illustration. You can check details on this picture. Our illustration is on the right side, your is on the left side. Our illustration looks more like the photo than like your illustration. You say I'm stealing without looking into the problem. Not cool.
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@al_power You didn't draw that from scratch, and it's not exactly the same. You both used the same source photo. That's not the same as stealing someone's work. Now, if you drew a lighthouse from your imagination and they copied it, that would be a different situation altogether. That's clearly not the case here.
@shepovalovdenis nah, I have a whole series of illustrations that are done in that style. I find it way too much of a coincidence that the illustrator just happened to find the exact same photo as the one i used of some random lighthouse in Canada and did an illustration using the same style etc rather than seeing my illustration that has been viewed over 10,000 times on my social profiles.
@jucaslames I get that. It's the fact that this random lighthouse in Canada just happens to be the subject using the same photo in the same style. I have a series that's been viewed over 10k times online. I can't see how it's just a pure coincidence that that illustrator just randomly found the same photo. Unless the illustrator is from Nova Scotia?
@al_power Lovely illustrations! Really like your collection. From what I know, Peggy's Cove's lighthouse is extremely well-known amongst landmark lighthouses, and a quick Google search for "lighthouse" supports that theory. That said, I am not taking sides in this, but do want to say thank you both for the beautiful artwork.