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This app is beautiful. It feels like the three different sections are so different that they could each be stand-alone apps. The first section is a curated selection of indulgent recipes that you can collect into different groups. The recipes are sourced from blogs. The second section is their "Pick ingredient. Discover dishes" section. You input the ingredients you have, and it suggests recipes you can make with them. Finally, there is their meal kit section where you can buy a bundle of ingredients that will make a few different recipes. This seems cool, though for now, the selection is quite limited. I think the most interesting thing Is all this completely different functionality. It's just begging to be integrated more thoroughly - I would love to be able to scroll through beautiful recipes, have the app keep track of what's already in my kitchen and place a delivery order for the remaining ingredients. I wonder if they have these different sections because they are really trying to be the single destination for making dinner. Not having a more focused product makes it hard to evaluate, and it's harder to keep in mind so its offerings are so diffuse.