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Graham Hunter
Startup Program @ Segment
I've been waiting for this for years. Too many people use their inboxes as their to do list, and know that it's not right, but can't stop. I used to use things for tasks and mailbox for email. Now...Handle.
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Shawn Carolan
Founding CEO @ Handle, Partner @ Menlo
Amen @marketergraham, at Menlo I looked to fund a company solving email overload for 5 years before having the idea for Handle. Siri provided the inspiration (I was on the board). If only my inbox knew when/where/how I wanted to act on this damn email! As we built the product, we discovered it was less about inbox zero, and more about not letting your inbox tell you what to do all day. The email + to-do synergy is the key, by processing the inbox quickly and working off the contextual timeline you are aligning your time with YOUR priorities. I've cut the time I work out of my inbox vs. Handle Timeline by about 50% and spending much more time focused on the needle movers.
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✨Lauralynn Stubler✨
growth & retention @ cushion.ai
Best I've found, it's all my productivity system in one app. Calendar, email, and todos in one place. Fuuuuuuck. Thank you!
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Anton BredykhinCo-founder, Stealth Startup
There is big overlap in functionality with Inbox from Google which I personally use and love. Not sure how Handle is going to survive with such a competitor
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Tori Bunte
PMM, HPE Storage
The video is pretty great. Persuasive. It felt like a movie trailer. The onboarding is on point. Basic gmail sync, plus Handle recommends you install Handle for desktop + sync devices by (I assume) using its to-do list feature. Swoon. The Chrome extension could use a bit of work - I feel like it should prompt me to add a Gmail account right away - but it does access your dropbox to store its data.
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Vinish Garg
Co-founder @OutcomeConf @ContentHug
@stttories @shawnvc +++A for your comment on the video!