The gripless phone case and stand for iPhone/Android

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Deandre Durr☀️@dredurr · Growth Hacker
I could definitely use this, when I go on a run. 🐾
Liza Dixon
HANDLiberation (HandL) is a sleek phone case that uses a brace system (tension cord) to apply pressure on your fingers against the back of the phone, thus eliminating the need to grip the device. The case gives the effect that the phone is simply floating in your hand. Slide the brace down to the base of the cord and voilà, the case doubles as a stand. HandL was invented by artist and real estate developer, Allen Hirsch, who felt there was a "fundamental problem in how we interact with our phones through our hands. We don't realize how much tension is in our hands." Allen wanted to create a more natural and expressive way to use his device, taking inspiration from the ease he had in communicating via his paintbrush. "I wanted to create a system where I can use my phone easily with one hand, where it flows with my body movements," said Hirsch. I have been exclusively using a HandL case on my iPhone 6+ for several months now. No other tech accessory has enhanced my smartphone experience the way that HandL has. I know this for certain, because I often find myself forgetting about it until someone stops me and asks me what it is--It's that seamless. The HandL has been a great assistant in general smartphone usage and especially for capturing video (specifically livestreaming). The build quality is fantastic; the case is as perfect as the day I slipped it onto my phone. HandL is currently available for: iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6/6S Plus & Samsung Note 4 and Note 3.
Allen M Hirsch
@allenmhirsch · Creator
@lizadixon Excellent review Liza! You really picked up on the main points so well and succinctly. I put a lot of creative passion into the simplicity and versatility of this product so it is very gratifying for me to see this.
Seth Baum@sdbaum · Managing Director, The Soundview Group
I've been looking for this for my Nexus 6P. Love to know if that is in the works.
Ben Wilson@benwilsondesign · Graphic Designer, HighQ
@sdbaum I second this! This would be perfect for the 6P and it's monstrous proportions
Omar Hammouri@hammouriomg · Founder at Delegraph
I will use it for sure
Chris Wilson@automateiq · VoiceCut CEO
This is going to sound ridiculous, but I think I'm messing up my pinky finger joints and muscles because I use it to cradle my iPhone when I'm using it with one hand. Does anyone else do this and does it hurt? This case cousin really help with that, however I use Coin and a case that holds a few credit cards so I don't carry a wallet, just my coin and a drivers license. Any plans for a credit card case with the same functionality?
Allen M Hirsch
@allenmhirsch · Creator
@automateiq Hi Chris I have been working on a wallet cover that can go over this case... Stay in touch with my website for updates. www.handliberation.com
Chris Wilson@automateiq · VoiceCut CEO
@allenmhirsch @automateiq Sweet thanks!