Handwritten letters & notes on request

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This would be awesome for sending customers a note, I'd love a subscription and API though.
Now I can communicate with grandma! Haha
Pretty pricey. "$9.95 (U.S.) or $10.95 (Int'l)" and your letter has to be under 230 words to fit these price points. I guess that you are paying for the convenience of getting this entire process done but I'd much rather do the writing and mailing myself. Only $0.49 for first class. Great idea though.
Starts at US$9.95 - for one letter, up to a certain length. @epicantus, I checked out the site because I want to use such a service. Looking at similar services, may I suggest: 1. Pricing: give us a clear link to it, because much of why we'll pick one service over another is the pricing. 2. Your power will be in bulk pricing, postage cost-saving strategies, etc. - anything you can do to get your costs down. When you become reasonable in prices, this will be great for startups. many of us are self-funded. A little perspective for you: RiteTag runs on 3 servers, the smallest of which is for our own tinyURL links. It costs us roughly $5 (yes, five) per month. Startups pay for tons of services, but to pay $9.95 (or more) to send a personal, handwritten note to one of 27,000 users...? That'd be a tough sell.
This is cool. Simple, yet smart solution! I saw a similar solution this summer at a demo day in CHI https://www.fountaingreetings.com. They were more Biz focused than consumer.
@lekanb yes, but again, they bury their pricing, and when you find it $7. With tiny margins on our own sales, if I was to send customers hand-written cards, and could do it myself for under $2 vs $7 from FounderGreetings vs. $9.95 (and up) from Handiemail, on my planet, I'm going to write until my hand cramps, take a break, and write the rest myself.